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Hah since no one wants to help me with 6000 I bumped it down to 100
Apparently getting new and quality oc's to draw doesn't matter and I just need to suffer as I try my damnedest to do adequate art!!!

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I'm hosting a Pines Against Humanity chat over on… (It's Gravity Falls CANON characters only. No OC's) !!!
I am Dipper_Pines, your host as we use our wits and intelligence to crack funny jokes!
This will be something like a roleplay. I am looking for people to play: Mabel, Bill Cypher/Cipher, Wendy, Pacifica, and Grunkle Stan. The password is STANFORD, all caps.
oh wow I was looking back on my old oc's and they are all pretty shitty if they were made by me
Shelby is not a normal MLP name
Grojband is basically a dead fandom unless y'all are stubborn
more than three characters are trans males

made by just so ya know
but imagine
an AU for Supernatural
where everyone is a gender-swapped version of the canon characters
Deana, Samantha, and Castiel go by Dean, Sam/Sammy, and Cas.
thoroughly confusing literally anyone who hires them
"Oh, have you two ladies seen a black impala anywhere? The guys I hired said they'd be here by now."
Dean: "Right here."
Sam: facepalms as yet another person mistakes them for males because Dean wouldn't let them use their full names on the goddamn card
So I'm planning on making a Youtuber Nextgen???? Like popular ships (AKA Phan and PewdieCry) manage to have kids and the kids grow up to be youtubers???????? I NEED FEEDBACK PLZ

I already have two (technically three) confirmed ships set up!

- Septiplier: Jack and his girlfriend have twin daughters, Olivia (Olive) and Lauren. Mark was not expecting to have a child, but on a night with his friends at a bar, a drunk woman tricked him into getting drunk and they had sex. Sadly, Mark had gotten the woman pregnant, and after giving birth the woman left the baby in Mark's care. At this point, Olive and Lauren were three years old, so Jack had some experience raising children. In his panic, Mark called Jack and begged for help. After a bit of discussion with his girlfriend and Mark, the McLoughlin family was able to afford a "Summer House" in Los Angeles, and they stay there when Mark needs help. The new addition to the McLoughlin-Fischbach family was a girl that Mark named Tyler. Tyler grew up to be nonbinary, and all of their parents (biological and "adoptive") accept this fact with love and respect.
  • Olive takes more after her mother, being calmer and quieter compared to her sister and father. But if you piss her off, she manages to get louder than her whole family combined. She's prone to mood swings when she's irritable, and this shows when she's playing a difficult game or a scary game. Olive hates jumpscares with a burning passion.
  • Lauren is jumpy and excitable, and quick to act in any situation. Actually, she ended up dying half of her hair black on a whim when she was young. She's covered it up with brown dye, but the transition from dark to light is still visible. She is the only one who doesn't need glasses, but she is also the only one who needs braces. She complains about her braces a LOT.
  • Tyler is eccentric and weird like their biological dad, and they adopted their loud voice from hanging out with their other dad (refers to Jack as Dad-Mum). They were born with blonde hair (trait from mother), and they took after their two fathers by dying most of the top of their hair. They also have extremely short hair that grows back quickly, meaning that they have to dye and cut their hair at least once a month, a different color each time.
- Phan: Dan and Phil were hiding their relationship from mostly everyone, even the most dedicated of fans and their best friends. They had been dating for about three years when Phil asked on a livestream show if Dan had ever thought about adopting. The brunette was shocked and shut down his computer, kissing Phil before saying yes. They started searching for orphanages online to see the kids that could be adopted, and they landed on a girl named Anastasia after a month or so. A few days later, and the girl was living happily with her fathers.
  • Anastasia (Anna) had lost both of her parents in an incident, and she was the only one in the incident to survive. This caused her to develop nearly every form of anxiety. Social Anxiety, Separation Anxiety, Anxiety in general, you name it. When she was adopted by Dan and Phil, she wouldn't want to be alone at all. She needed to have at least one person with her at all times. This had changed after a month or so, when she received proper anxiety medication and love from her parents.
  • Anna made her own little channel for vlogs and games, and she has recently joined Dan and Phil on their gaming channel. She encourages both of them during single-player games, and picks sides during multiplayer games.
  • She unironically uses "UwU" and "-3-", as well as making her own emoji. The "Fuck-You-I-Do-What-I-Want" face: t/uwu/t . The t's represent middle fingers in this case.

I will be making a Marzia X Felix baby, and maybe a daughter of Melanie Martinez (who is super aesthetic).


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I don't post often due to my crippling fear of not being good enough
also because no one fucking looks at my page or comments on my art when I ask but that doeSN'T MATTER I GUESS
but anyway enjoy your stay!! UwU

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